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June 2013 Ministry Update

Dear Praying Friends and Partners in Ministry,

Warmest greetings from Salem, Oregon where we will live for a year during our Home Assignment. After 4 wonderful years of ministry with richest blessings from the Lord, we are finally back home to reconnect with family and friends and to tell stories of God’s mighty work in Cambodia to our Alliance churches in the United States. We thank the Lord for being with us during our long flight from Phnom-Penh to Colorado Springs, CO with an overlay of 10 hours in Seoul and 9 hours in Los Angeles (due to weather). After arrival in Colorado Springs for a few days to recover from jet lag, we flew to Orlando, FL to speak at the Southwest Alliance Community Church at their Annual Missionary Conference. After that ministry, we went straight to Tampa, FL to attend the International Ministries Pre-Council meeting for 2 days and the General Council. for one week. At the General Council we were humble but honored to speak briefly to share what God is doing in Cambodia. After the General Council , we returned to Colorado Springs, CO to rest , to relax and to pack our belongings to move to Salem, OR.

Praise Report
Praise God for a smooth transition back to the US with His richest blessings through friends and family members:

  1. We were well and warmly welcome by the Southwest Community Alliance church in Orlando as we were invited to speak to their congregation again since we spoke to them 4 years ago before we left for Cambodia. It was truly a sweet family reunion.
  2. It was a delight to see old friends at the General Council in Tampa, FL, especially those who have received our Ministry Updates and told us that they have prayed for us regularly even daily. We were also privileged but very humble for the opportunity to share briefly what God was going in Cambodia through our ministry in Cambodia in the past 4 years.
  3. We thank God for being able to rest and to relax at our dear friends’ home in Colorado Springs after the General Council and have time to park to move our belongings to Salem, OR. We are grateful that our daughter Margaret and her husband came from Vancouver, WA with a pick up and a trailer to help us to move.
  4. We thank the Lord for providing us a beautiful home to live and a nice car to drive from our friends during our year of Home Assignment. Praise God for His goodness and mercy to us through friends and family.

Prayer Report

  1. Please pray for our upcoming ministry at the Cambodian District Conference in Garden Grove, CA, July 913. Please pray for strength and special anointing as we speak 5 times during the Conference.
  2. Please pray for upcoming Home Assignment Conference in Colorado Springs, July 1823 during which we will meet with our fellow International Workers coming from overseas to learn new things about the culture and the Church in the US so that we will be prepared to go out for tour.
  3. Please pray for strength and good health as we will tour in the Fall for 8 weeks straight at Alliance churches in the Cambodian and Central Pacific districts.
  4. Please pray for a wonderful time with our children and grandchildren during the months of July and August.
  5. Please pray especially for us to be able to rest and relax before the heavy Fall Tour schedule.

Thanks! Joe and Kay.


 2013-June3 2013-June2
Joe and Kay spoke at the Southwest Commu-nity Alliance church in Orlando, FL Joe and Kay spoke at the General Council in Tampa, FL
2013-June1 2013-June4
We are moving our belongings from Colorado Springs, CO to Salem, OR. Our temporary home in Salem, OR during our Home Assignment year.


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May 2013 Ministry Update

Dear Praying Friends and Partners in Ministry,

Warmest greetings again from Phnom Penh! This is our last Ministry Update to you from Cambodia for this year because we will be going back to the US for Home Assignment on June 1. In the last few weeks of ministry the Lord has amazingly blessed us much more that we could possibly imagine by bringing more and more fruits to His Kingdom. At the same time it hard for us to say good-bye to our church leaders and friends whom we have served in the past 4 years. The Khmer Evangelical Church (KEC) leaders have organized a farewell service to honor the Manfreds, the Kongs and the Ens’ last Friday, May 24th with several testimonies of appreciation for our service to them. At the end of service, 3 young adults sang a missionary song on ”Thank You for Giving to the Lord,” to thank us to come to bring Christ to them. They truly touched our hearts. All of us could not thank the Lord enough for calling us to bring the gospel to this dark land of Cambodia . We want to thank you for your prayer and your support to the Great Commission Fund.

Praise Report

  1. Praise God for preparing Colonel Ham and his family’s hearts to receive Christ after Joe shared the gospel to them after church service on Mother Day Another major in the army and his wife also gave their hearts to the Lord a few day later after Joe and Kay visited them at their home recently.
  2. Praise God for giving Joe the opportunity to preach at the Well Dedication service at Sre Char in the Takeo province during which a score of people responded to the gospel by praying to receive Christ for the first time. One of the new believers was a 90 year old man who also raised his hand to pray with others.
  3. Praise God for the privilege of serving Christ in the past 4 years during which we sensed Christ’s presence with us at all the time. We were so humble as we were lovingly recognized by KEC national church leaders. However, the glory belongs to Christ who has called us to bring His light to this dark land of Cambodia.
  4. Praise God for giving us so many spiritual children who call us “Dad and Mom.” Some of them who attend the New Jerusalem church came to honor Kay and thanked her to be a role model for them after Joe preached on Mother Day at this church.
  5. We also want to thank God for those of you who have been regularly praying for us.

Prayer Requests

  1. Please continue to pray for our churches and individuals in the US for their full participation to the Great Commission Sun-day and the Great Commission Fund so that the C&MA can continue to support us and other C&MA international Workers around the world.
  2. Please pray for us as we will return home to have a sweet reunion with our children and grandchildren. Please also pray for us to know how to rest to recuperate from a long 4 years of service in Cambodia.
  3. Please pray for wisdom as we begin to collect stories of God’s marvelous work in Cambodia to share to our Alliance churches in the West Coast this Fall.
  4. Please pray that the Spirit of God will refresh us with God’s Word as we will attend the General Council in Tampa next month.
  5. Please pray that the Lord continues to give us good health so that we will be able to return to Cambodia to serve another term of 3 years.

Joe and Kay.

    2013-May4  2013-May3
Joe led a colonel and hi s family to pray to receive Christ as Lord and Savior at the C&MA New Jerusalem church in Phnom Penh. A score of people prayed to receive Christ for the first time at the recent well dedication service in Takeo province.
 2013-May2  2013-May1
Joe and Kay were honored of their service along with 2 other missionary couples by receiving a gift from Rev. Sok Sophon, the KEC president. Kay prayed for some of our spiritual and adopted children who came to honor her after Joe preached on Mother’s Day at the New Jerusalem church in Phnom Penh.



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